Who is ECO USA?

ECO USA operates a recycling plant capable of processing cured and uncured silicone rubber into high quality silicone oil which in turn can be utilized in product manufacturing. As our products have not gone through the FDA approval process, use our silicone fluids for industrial applications only. We’re the world’s leading expert in the field of silicone recycling and is responsible for recycling more than 5000 metric tons of silicone rubber every year. If you’re a manufacturer looking for eco-friendly methods of disposing your silicone rubber or would like to reduce costs by using industrial-grade silicone oil, get in contact with one of our consultants today!

ECO USA was founded in 2009 with the vision of making the world a greener place through recycling. As a group of experienced engineers and technicians, we looked into plastic, paper, rubber, and metal recycling and spent countless hours understanding various recycling methods. We knew that in order to be successful, we needed to have a market advantage of some sort. This meant we either came up with a more efficient recycling process or we had to recycle a material no one was recycling at all. We decided on the latter and took on the challenge of silicone rubber recycling.

ECO USA became one of the earliest recyclers of silicone in the world. Since our inception, we’ve had nearly 10 years of experience recycling silicone rubber, used and wide-spec silicone oil, silicone based sealants and much more. We are the most experienced and largest recycler of silicone in the world by volume.


ECO USA is an industry leader in the recycling of industrial silicone materials. Rather than following traditional ways of landfills and incinerators, we resort to eco-friendly and productive alternatives for their reuse and recycling.

Our commitment is in running a business targeting industrial recycling management, and offer responsible solutions to help create environmentally conscious opportunities.

We dedicate ourselves to find innovative solutions for all post-production silicone materials. From analyzing the materials, to custom tailor pick up services, to certifying destruction of materials, our approach is to offer a complete package of services for your recycling needs.



Let ECO USA handle your recyclable silicone materials.


Use Industrial Grade Silicone Fluid (DMS-300).