Plant Analysis

We are dedicated to helping our customers streamline and save on silicone rubber material flow.

Secure Destruction

We understand and value our clients’ confidentiality and legal needs when it comes to entrusting us with their sensitive materials for recycling.

Pickup Services

With our strategic multiple pick up sites through out the world, we are able to collect the recycle materials directly from our clients’ facilities.

Silicone Rubber Recycling Process

An overview of how silicone rubber is recycled.

1. Silicone Collection
1. Silicone Collection
We work closely with silicone product manufacturers around the world to pickup and recycle silicone rubber material streams.
2. Shred Into Small Pieces
2. Shred Into Small Pieces
The ensure secure destruction, the first process when silicone rubber enters our facility is to shred them into small 10-15mm pieces.
3. High Temperature Cracking
3. High Temperature Cracking
Granulated silicone is heated to high temperatures in large-scale reaction chambers where silicone vapors are collected and filtered.
4. Filtration & Refinement
4. Filtration & Refinement
The extracted silicone DMC goes through a complex filtration and chemical refinement process producing recycle-grade silicone fluid.

Industrial Grade Silicone (DMS-300) Oil & Fluid

ECO USA manufactures industrial-grade silicone fluid in a full range of specifications and viscosities via a proprietary recycling process.

Not only are we the leading silicone recycler in the USA, we’re also a primary supplier of silicone fluids for numerous factories worldwide.

If you’re looking to reduce carbon footprint and start introducing a greener silicone fluid stream into your production, make sure to speak with a consultant today.


  • eco-friendly
  • up to 15% cheaper
  • in stock, ready for shipment
  • guaranteed compatibility
  • request a free sample!


  • 350, 500, 1000, 10000, 12500, and 60000 cSt in stock
  • custom viscosities available…
  • Clear, colorless, odorless
  • specific gravity .96 – .97
  • refractive index: 1.401 – 1.405 @ 25°C
  • flash point ≥ 300 °C

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